【Recruitment】【KKday】Product Development / Digital Marketing Position (Overseas training for 1 year)

Date: 2022-08-29 09:07

This is a Full-Time position.

After receiving one-year overseas training at KKday Headquarters in Taiwan, depending on his/her performance, he/she will be assigned to a corresponding Product Development or Digital Marketing position in KKday’s overseas branch.

Work content:
● For the first year…
○ At KKday headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan
○ Receive professional knowledge and system training in tourism e-commerce
○ Comprehensively understand all business operations through departmental rotation

Rotation departments include: Customer Service, System Operation, Product Development, Digital Marketing, Rezio

● For the second year and later on…
○ In KKday’s overseas branch
○ Based on his / her ability and performance, participate in cross-department projects focused on product development or digital marketing
○ Become the main communication window between the overseas branch and the Taiwan headquarters

※Application conditions
● Native Korean / Japanese speaker, and able to speak daily use English or Chinese
● Marketing, business development, e-commerce, and travel related experience are a plus.

※After joining the company
● Will receive training in Taiwan for one year.
● The company will assist with immigration and work related procedures, as well as subsidies for transportation and accommodation expenses in Taiwan

<Work Location>
The first year: KKday Taiwan Taipei City Headquarters (Neihu District, Taipei City)
The second year and later on: KKday overseas Branch of the candidate’s origin country

<Working Hours>
The first year: according to Taiwan time 9:30-18:30 (no overtime / lunch break for one hour)
The second year and later on: According to overseas local time 9:30-18:30

<Holidays, Salary and Welfare System>
First year in Taiwan
● Holidays: In accordance with Taiwan’s Labor Law (regular holidays, national holidays)
You will also be given a three-day travel holiday, available on the first day of employment.

● Salary: NTD35,000 – 48,000
Will include expatriate allowances, transportation and accommodation subsidies, Taiwan labor and health insurance and other taxes

● Benefits:
○ Free shuttle bus for employees to commute (MRT Songshan Station-Company)
○ Employee lunch allowance
○ Provide Apple Mac laptop office
○ Monthly afternoon tea subsidy, special holiday activities
○ Marriage and funeral sickness and childbirth subsidies, three festival gifts
○ Various club activities

In the second year and later on in oversea branch
● Holidays: According to oversea Branch regulations
You will also be given a three day travel holiday, available on the first day of employment.
● Salary: Negotiable, based on experience and ability
● Benefits: Same as colleagues in the SEA branch

<Recruitment Process>
Email your resume to : tdc@kkday.com
After screening, we will send you an interview by email!
There are three rounds of interviews before the onboarding.

[Company Website]
Japan: https://www.104.com.tw/job/78u4v?jobsource=cs_2018indexpoc
Korea: https://www.104.com.tw/job/79g7u?jobsource=cs_2018indexpoc

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