【Recruitment】CyberTAN Technology, Inc.

Date: 2022-07-29 10:06

Company Introduction:
CyberTAN Technology, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of broadband and
wireless networking equipment. Since its founding in June 1998,
CyberTAN has energetically invested in R&D resources to provide
professional OEM/ODM services for the home networking and
communications market. In 2003, CyberTAN expanded its development
efforts to the broadband and wireless fields, concentrating on
broadband communications and wireless networking products for the
small-office and home-office (SOHO) market. The fruits of these efforts
have been numerous awards, affirmation from customers, and
CyberTAN’s position today as the largest manufacturer of SOHO routers
in the world.

Job positions in 104
Job Opening:
※Project management (PM)
※Quality Assurance Supervisor

Job location:North Vietnam
Application Method:
Please send your resume to joyce.ho@cybertan.com.tw

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