【Scholarship】The Chung Hwa Rotary Educational Foundation Taiwan Rotary Academic Scholarship Application

Date: 2022-08-29 09:02

(2022-2023 Scholarship for Students in Master and Doctoral Degree Program

  • Application Deadline: September 9, 2022.

Please submit the hard copy of the required documents to the Office of International Affairs.

Chiaotung Campus: Ms. Fei-Chin Chang (feichin@nycu.edu.tw)

Yangming Campus: Ms. Trudy Wu (trudy@nycu.edu.tw)


Eligibility for Academic Scholarships

Applicants must be graduate students who are Studying in universities in Taiwan. Applications must be submitted to The Chung Hwa Rotary Educational Foundation through the office of International affairs of the graduate school of Taiwan, (A Rotarian or A Rotarian’s direct descendant is not eligible).

Award For Academic Scholarship

  1. The award has been contributed to the scholars who study in Taiwan, Each doctoral candidate on the Scholarship list receives NT180,000 and each recipient in the master’s degree program receives NT135,000. in one year.
  2. The Scholarship covers one scholastic year, from January 2023 to June 2023,

To pay all scholastic costs including tuition, book allowance, campus housing, and food.


Required documents:


Please prepare the following documents with your name and the name of the graduate school

  1. A brief autobiography, no longer than two pages, (Had better excluding translation), describing:
  • Your Academic strengths and challenges.
  • Volunteer activities


  1. A detailed statement of intent, no longer than three pages, (Had better excluding translation), describing:
  • Your reasons for applying for a scholarship
  • Your proposed field of study and future career plans, including an explanation of how these plans will support The Rotary Foundation’s mission to further world understanding and peace and help advance the objectives.
  • Your reasoning is used to determine your preferred study in Taiwan and how they support your goals for serving as a graduate student.
  • A community service project or activity you intend to carry out while in Taiwan, possibly in conjunction with a Rotary club.


  1. A list, no longer than one page, ((Had better excluding translation), summarizing principal interests and activities, Indicate any training or experience in public speaking and community service involvement.



Provide original transcripts from the graduate school that you attend.


Recommendation Forms


Applicants should complete and have two academic instructors

Recommendation, respectively, of this application. You should inform educators to complete these recommendations for the purpose of a Rotary Foundation Academic Scholarship.


Additional materials must include

1、Copy of Graduate Students Identity Card.

2、Copy of passport and Copy of visa

3、Two recent headshot photos.

4、Research Proposal

5、Budget Proposal with supporting documents

6、A recommendation by the Vice President of the Office of International Affairs, graduate school. (No need to submit it when you apply).


Please email Ms. Fei-Chin Chang (feichin@nycu.edu.tw) if you have any questions.

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